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More than Lasik.

Keil Lasik has vision correction solutions for patients in all stages of life. Whether you have trouble seeing up close, want to eliminate reading glasses, or are seeking a solution for cataracts, our experienced doctors will help you determine a treatment plan to have you seeing more clearly in no time.

Discover Our Vision Solutions
more than lasik vision solutions
Is Lasik Safe

Cataracts solutions

Eliminate the need for near or distance glasses! Our Premium Cataract Surgery treatment restores vision for people who have been diagnosed with early or fully mature cataracts.

Is Lasik Painful

Eliminate Bifocals

Refractive Lens exchange (RLE) with a multifocal lens, RLE with blended vision, or Lasik with blended vision can restore your everyday vision for far and near sight. Say hello to convenience and goodbye to bifocals!

vision solutions for nearly everyone

Eliminate readers

Do you struggle with seeing and reading up close? VUITY™ prescription reading eyedrops improve age-related blurry near vision.

Dr. Michael Keil

Meet Dr. Keil

Dr. Keil founded Keil Lasik Vision Center with one mission – to give people back their vision. As one of the top-ranked Lasik surgeons in Michigan, Dr. Keil is dedicated to providing personalized eye care using state-of-the-art technology. All services come with a lifetime guarantee and Keil Lasik provides free vision enhancements for life.

Dr. Azra Fazil-Jamal

Meet Dr. Fazil-Jamal

Dr. Fazil-Jamal joined Keil Lasik Vision Center after graduating from the Michigan College of Optometry. Her special interests include the co-management of refractive and ocular surgery, orthokeratology, and ocular disease. Dr. Fazil-Jamal is excited to be part of a team that offers modern solutions to correct and preserve patients’ vision!


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