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VUITY™ Prescription Eyedrops

Blurry near vision

Safe, reliable & convenient solution

Readers and bifocals

Recommended for adults over 40

blurry near vision eyedrops

What happens when you have trouble seeing up close?

As we age, we begin to experience the frustrating effects of Blurry Near Vision. Reading the newspaper, seeing the computer screen or sending a text message becomes a struggle. We end up relying more and more on reading glasses or contact lenses to see up close. These changes can lead to age-related Blurry Near Vision caused by the first stage of Dysfunctional Lens Syndrome also known as presbyopia.

Approximately 128 million adults in the United States are living with presbyopia. Most people are in their 40s when they first start noticing problems seeing clearly up close.

The stages of age-related Blurry Near Vision:

Mild Progression

Holding objects further away, difficulty reading in dim lighting.

Moderate Progression

Turning up lights in most settings, require aids in almost all circumstances.

Advanced Progression

Inability to read at arm’s length (near and intermediate distance) without a workaround.

Now there’s a way to treat Blurry Near Vision

VUITY™ prescription reading eyedrops work by reducing your pupil size. It contracts certain muscles in the eye to help you see up close. VUITY™ is the first and only FDA-approved prescription eye drop for the treatment of presbyopia in adults.​


This procedure is a great solution for people looking to improve symptoms of Blurry Near Vision, related to seeing & reading. It’s commonly recommended for patients over the age of 40.