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Your Vision Correction Journey

Whether you’ve been thinking about vision correction for the past five years or you’ve already had treatment, we are here to help you every step of the way. Find what part of the journey you are at below and see what the next steps are in the process.

Ahoy Explorer!

Beginning the
research process.

Whether you are looking into buying a new TV or looking into vision correction options, it’s natural to want to do research first, but where do you start and what questions should you ask? Here are some topics to consider as you are researching.

Wondering what the overall process looks like or if your a good candidate? Take a look below!

Overview of Lasik Process
Commonly Asked Questions
Candidacy Quiz

  • How many years has the surgeon been practicing?
  • How many surgeries has the surgeon performed?
  • Have any team members had vision correction themselves?
  • Does the surgeon live in the area or travel to surgical centers?
  • Does your surgical cost include follow-up visits?
  • Does your surgical cost include touch-ups?
  • Are low monthly payments available? 
Quality of Care
  • Can you easily get in touch with your surgeon?
  • Do you feel the surgeon listened well and answered all of your questions?
  • Before setting money aside for LASIK, confirm that you are a good candidate by scheduling a free consultation with a LASIK surgeon. 

You’re an excellent candidate.

Congratulations! You’ve met our team and found out that you are a great fit for vision correction. So, what now? Here are your next steps!

Did you leave your folder with the consent booklet and surgical preparation forms at home or misplace it? Not worries. You can view and download it below. 

Consent Forms & Surgical Instructions
1. Schedule Your Treatment
2. Read and Sign Paperwork
Read your Surgery Day Checklist VERY carefully.  Also, read the four consent forms in your folder.

  • Informed Consent
  • Vision for Life
  • Rights and Responsibility
  • What to Expect
3. Fill Your Prescriptions
Fill your drops at least one week before your treatment.

  • Vigamox (a.k.a Moxifloxacin)
  • Pred Fore (a.k.a. Prednisolone)
  • Preservative Free Eye Drops (a.k.a artificial tears)
4. Scheduling Tips
  • Your driver needs to stay on site with you.
  • Expect to be on site for 1.5 hours.
  • Valium will be given to you on your treatment day.
  • You will nap or rest for 4 hours when you get home.

Goodbye glasses.
Hello, new life.

You did it! Now all you have are a few follow-up visits and you’re done.

Keep track of when and where you get your yearly eye exams. This is helpful if we ever need to obtain records for you in the future. 

Did you misplace your drop schedule and follow-up care instructions? Easily view or download it below.

Lasik Eye Drop Schedule
Kamra Eye Drop Schedule
PRKamra Eye Drop Schedule
LASIKamra Eye Drop Schedule

1. Complete Follow-ups
Only three follow-up visits are required, but you are covered for 12 months after your treatment.

  • Day after your treatment
  • One month follow-up
  • Three month follow-up 
2. Yearly Exams
  • Return to your optometrist for annual exams.
  • Start your annual exam one year after your last follow-up visit at our office.
3. Continue Your Tears
Use your artificial tears four times a day or more for a month.


After a month, you may continue using tears as needed. You also may change from the individual vials to a bottle, if desired.


Our Lifetime
Commitment to You

Are you wondering what your Lifetime Plan covers or do you have questions about having a touch up? Then this is for you!

Lifetime Aquity Plan Details
  • Your Lifetime Plan does not included yearly exams or offices visits one year after your surgical date.
  • To uphold your Lifetime Plan, it is mandatory to complete yearly exams.
  • Yearly exams are not offered at our office. They may be completed with an optometrist of your choosing.

Would you like more information about your Lifetime Plan? View and download the Vision for Life Patient Guide that you signed below.

Do you think you need treatment again?
  • Before we bring you in for an enhancement evaluation, take a look at the two steps below to start the process. Once these two step are completed, we will bring you in for a full dilated evaluation with Dr. Keil. The appointment will take two hours and the fee is $250.


Vision For Life Patient Guide
1. Is Your Vision Stable?
To confirm that your vision is stable, you want to have your last two years of eye exams faxed to our office for Dr. Keil to review. If you have not had an eye exam in the last two years, scheduling one with your local optometrist would be your first step. Once your records are received our staff will give them to Dr. Keil for review. After it is reviewed, one of our staff members will contact you.


Why? Good question! In order to make sure we do not over or under correct you your prescription, we need to make sure your prescription is stable.

2. Are you dependent on glasses again?
It’s typically not recommended to proceed with a Lasik enhancement until you are back in glasses the majority of your day.
Need More Information?
Still have questions? Feel free to contact our office and one of our staff members would be happy to help you. 616-365-5775 or