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Premium Cataract Surgery

Treats distance vision

Treats near vision

Removes cataract


Premium cataract surgery is a refractive procedure that frees a patient from the dependence on glasses and contacts by replacing your eye’s natural lens with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL).

Due to the lens inside your eye changing with age, it prevents you from seeing clearly. Most people experience a loss of distance vision over time, trouble with dim lighting, cloudy vision, trouble reading fine print, or glare/haloes at night.


The Procedure

  • 20-25 minutes per eye
  • Eyes done separately (2 weeks a part)
  • Outpatient procedure
  • Customized lens tailored to you


  • Blurry vision for the first week
  • Complete recovery at 1 month for most patients
  • Little to no discomfort


This treatment option is great for people who have been diagnosed with early or fully mature cataracts, and their main goal is to eliminate the need for near and/or distance glasses. This is generally recommended for patients 60 years or older.


Step 1: Consultation

Meet with our experienced team and see what treatment option is right for you. Consultations last about an hour and a half. Your eyes will be dilated. Bring your sunglasses! Contacts must be removed 3 full days before your appointment.

Step 2: Treatment

Our friendly staff and experienced doctors help you through your treatment and get you seeing more clearly in no time, less than 15 minutes to be exact. Expect to be in the surgical center for 2-3 hours on treatment day. You will need a driver.

Step 3: Enjoy Freedom!

Return to our office for a few follow-up visits and enjoy life without the burden of glasses or contacts. Follow-up schedules vary depending on the procedure type, but in general, you can expect to be seen in-office 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, and 3 months after your treatment.

Step 4. Lifetime Care

All our services come with a lifetime guarantee. In the rare occurrence that you need an adjustment, we provide free vision enhancements for life.*

*For details about our Lifetime guarantee call our office.