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Patient Reviews

Crystal C. _ Lasik Surgery _ January 2016

Dr. Keil and his staff were amazingly helpful and very personable. For such a stressful thing – the anticipation is the worst – the staff’s own stories and sympathetic attitudes helped me get through the procedure with ease. I now can see clearly ALL the time. What a magical miracle!

Elizabeth C. _ Lasik Surgery _ December 2015

It’s amazing! I feel fantastic — more confidence (though my kids poke me in the eye more haha!) There’s a lot to be nervous about but your staff helps a ton! Everyone is crazy friendly and help put me at east. I have already told everyone how fantastic this place is. Thanks!

Eddie L. _ Lasik Surgery _ December 2015

I considered getting Lasik surgery for about 10 years, but finally came in after hearing testimonials from friends and family. Probably sounds cliché, but “I can’t belive I waited so long.” Best money I’ve ever spent. Lasik surgery has enhanced my quality of life dramatically.

Amy G. _ Lasik Surgery _ September 2015

Wow! What a difference to be able to have perfect vision without the hassle of glasses or contacts. From the appointment reminders to Dr. Keil personally calling right after surgery solely to check on how I was doing. Amazing customer service. I would highly recommed Dr. Keil and his team to everyone!

Blair K. _ Lasik Surgery _ September 2015

I thought about it for a couple of years, but my Mom had it done and loved it. Now, I don’t waste time with glasses and contacts. I have A LOT less irritation than when I had contacts. Your staff is so welcoming. I felt confident with everything going on and had a great experience. I am so glad I decided to come here and I am very happy with my eyes.

Kelsey M. _ Lasik Surgery _ August 2015

I’ve been wanting Lasik since I had to wear glasses fulltime at age 17. I had to wait until I was 21 to have it done. I picked Keil because as I did some research on the internet, this showed to be the best place to do it, and it was! Overall, very good experience. The best advice I can give is to relax. It is over so fast, so do not let yourself get worked up over it being “horrible” or anything. I am very glad this is the place I chose. I love the results.

Lauren M. _ Lasik Surgery _ August 2015

I have wanted Lasik for many years, and then my eyes finally stopped changing. First second I could I made an appointment! My biggest fear was that I wouldn’t be a candidate, but we went through various tests and Dr. Keil said I was a perfect candidate! Keil Lasik is amazing! They make you feel so comfortable.

Catherine _ Lasik Surgery

I chose Dr. Keil because of his experience, the great online reviews and new technology, and I was impressed with the lifetime service. He gave me incredible vision. I now enjoy target shooting and running a lot more. I couldn’t be happier with my eyes! Everyone at Keil Lasik Vision Center was friendly, professional and a pleasure to work with.

Russ _ Lasik Surgery

Keil Lasik Vision Center helped me see! Dr. Keil gave me great eyesight! I felt well taken care of through the entire process. It was a great experience overall!

Bill _ Lasik Surgery

I chose Dr. Keil because several people I know recommended him. Now I can see better, and I no longer have to wear glasses! I am very happy with the treatment I received! I would recommend Dr. Keil to everyone!

Andrea _ Lasik Surgery

Dr. Keil was the 1st and only office I visited. I was so impressed with the staff and Dr. Keil. They were kind, knowledgeable, and patient. They answered all my questions and were helpful through the entire process. My vision is perfect! I no longer have to wear contacts or glasses.

I definitely recommend Dr. Keil to anyone considering Lasik.

Kelli _ Lasik Surgery

My husband had Lasik done by Dr. Keil and was very happy and satisfied! I also went to Dr. Keil for Lasik and he made my eyes perfect! I can see with my own eyes and just get up and go now! I feel free and can enjoy life and play with my boys! Dr. Keil and his employees are very helpful, knowledgeable and courteous. This helped my experience be much nicer. It is just a wonderful feeling to not have glasses or contacts but my own eyes!

Mickenzie _ Lasik Surgery

Keil Lasik was the most reasonably priced place that I found and from what I read about them, they seemed to be very experienced. The staff was also very knowledgeable and answered all my questions before, during and after my procedure. Dr. Keil has helped me in so many ways. Basically, he relieved me of my crutches that I felt was holding me back. I recommend everyone to Keil Lasik! I was so pleased with the staff and the results.

Thank you!!

Bridget _ Lasik Surgery

I can see unaided, for the first time in 15+ years. After having the surgery, my daily activities are simply a lot more enjoyable. My job, the gym, scuba diving, drive are all things that have been made better with not wearing glasses or contacts. I had a great experience at Keil Lasik Vision Care. I definitely recommend to EVERYONE!

Jessica _ Lasik Surgery

Dr. Keil was very professional and had great results. I can see better than with contacts. Everything is more crisp and clear. I would recommend Dr. Keil for Lasik. He has a calm demeanor, seems very confident and experienced in his field. I had a great experience with him.


April _ Lasik Surgery

I was the lucky winner of the buy one eye, get the second eye free from the Grand Rapids Bridal show! I have crisp and clear vision now and don’t have to hassle with contacts or glasses anymore. The staff at Keil Lasik is fantastic, very knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend Keil Lasik!

Thanks to lasik, my wedding day will be that much greater!!

Heather _ Lasik Surgery

I just wanted to say THANK YOU again. It has been a year-ish since my surgery and this past summer was the best summer I have ever had swimming. I would always [wear] my contacts so I had to be careful of water getting in my eyes. I almost forgot how great it was to go under the water. Being a first time mom of a two year old and having this done, I didn’t need to worry about her getting water in my eyes. I sometimes still catch myself from rubbing my eyes, then I recall that I can. This is the best thing that I have had done. The staff and Dr Keil are definitely a warm, friendly and caring family.

Thank you to each and every single one of you.

Stephanie _ Lasik Surgery

I just so happened to meet the people of Keil Lasik at the Women’s Expo. Dr. Keil and staff are the most patient, flexible, kind people I’ve dealt with. And they were $700 lower than other places. I can see now! It sounds obvious but until you experience vision problems and can suddenly be able to see without assistance, you can’t imagine how wonderful it is! I no longer have prescription glasses—I can see as soon as I wake up! No contacts, either. I so appreciate all the kindness through the process. Having your eyes worked on is a scary thing- they all made me feel very comfortable. Thank you so much!‎

John _ Lasik Surgery

I was referred from my brother and a couple of friends. After my initial visit, I felt comfortable with the staff. I was able to get in right away after my consult. They answered all my preliminary questions and helped me through the process. The staff even helped me find temporary glasses. Everyone was very helpful. Top notch from top to bottom. Very thorough. Now I have clear, non-irritating vision. It is great. I also feel confident that my vision will stay good. I believe this is long term and not short term. I’m assured by the lifetime warranty. I am going to highly recommend them to anyone with glasses I know. I wish they had some sort of glasses loaner program or partnership with a company. It was a downer to have to buy a pair of glasses for 3 days and waste $100. It is not their responsibility but it would be nice when spending $1000. Only a minor issue, though. A major concern, risk, and decision turned out to be one of the best choices I have ever made. I wish I would have done it sooner. The whole staff made it easy.‎


Amber _ Lasik Surgery

The Keil Lasik Vision Center has a friendly and helpful staff. I don’t have to worry any more about taking extra contacts everywhere I go. I feel free to live my life, travel, stay up late without worry and an extra bag in tote! I can swim and kayak without the fear of a contact floating away! All staff through the process have been exceptionally helpful in putting me at ease, my boyfriend at ease, and made the billing process hassle-free. I would recommend to everyone!‎

Great job!‎

Alejandra _ Lasik Surgery

Keil Lasik was recommended to me by my insurance provider. They eliminated my use of glasses and contacts. It’s great waking up and not having to reach for my glasses. Now I have more counter space! I don’t have to worry about doing some activities like swimming and running. I’m very satisfied with the results and the healing time. I feel like it was a life investment and I should have done it sooner‎.

Kurt _ Lasik Surgery

I have heard great things about Keil Lasik’s service and procedure from co-workers. I had Lasik surgery in both eyes and the follow-up. I have no more glasses or contacts! Great vision- and I love returning to normal activities. I will certainly recommend to family and friends. I have already mentioned them to other co-workers. Thank you for your excellent service and professionalism!‎

Vicky _ Lasik Surgery

This was a very rewarding experience for me. I’ve never known what it was like to wake up and be able to see. Now I do! I no longer need glasses for distance at all! Keil Lasik Vision Center has a convenient location, many previous patients willing to give referrals and lower costs. Their awesome staff helped me with a payment plan AND a same-day appointment! I definitely recommend Dr. Keil!‎

Josue _ Lasik Surgery

Well, I wore glasses for about 5 years. I was sick of wearing glasses and not able to see good when I am not wearing glasses. I did not want to wear contacts because my wife wears contacts and they are very irritating. I researched many Lasik surgery places for an exam and possibly get my surgery done. I found Dr. Keil’s Center which offers a free eye exams with no strings attached. I gave it a try and liked it. I talked to my wife about it and we thought it was a very good idea to get it done in a place that is well known and many have been very satisfied with their surgeries. It was a hard decision to make for me because I was scared a little bit because if something went wrong, I would be blind forever. I got over my fears because if I got it done I would be able to see really good and I would not have to worry about glasses anymore. [The thought] of not having to wear glasses or contacts, I would be able to see as clear as anyone can see. I went in and did the surgery. It took no more than 5 minutes to get done once you are in there. I got it done and I was able to see the minute I stepped outside. I had it almost two years ago and I am still loving my vision. I am very glad that I did it. I have saved hundreds of dollars in buying eye glasses, contacts, and eye exams. I think Dr. Keil’s Center is one of the best places in the country for a person who is sick and tired of wearing glasses, contacts, and spends thousands of dollars over the years in eye exams, etc. Imagine that you bought a pair of glasses for over $300 and it fell and broke and you have to go buy a brand new pair of glasses or you lost your contacts and have to buy new ones. With Dr. Keil’s Center, you do not have to worry about spending so much money for a life time vision. They also offer a life time warrantee on their Lasik which gives you peace of mind. I highly recommend Dr. Keil’s Center to anyone who wants to get a Lasik surgery.

Thank you all! And may God bless you.

Maribeth _ Lasik Surgery

I wanted Lasik surgery on my eyes since I first heard about it. I was tired of waking up and not being able to see the alarm clock and I hated wearing glasses – steaming up in the winter and fogging up when I worked out. Now I was at the ripe old age of 46 and needing bi focals glasses or contacts. After considering the cost of either of those options, I decided to just do the surgery, so I started to do some research and came across Dr. Keil’s Center and called. The people were so nice, professional and informative. There was no pressure. They made EVERY appointment so easy and comfortable I felt I could call if there was any problem. I felt like they were as excited for me as I was. They truly care and that means a lot. I HIGHLY recommend them.

Thank you

Melanie _ Lasik Surgery

Since I was 7 years old I had to deal with wearing ugly glasses. Even when I switched to Contact Lenses it became more of a pain dealing with them over my glasses. My eyes were always dry and my contacts were constantly coming out. I would always forget about them and sleep in them when I wasn’t supposed to, and I was worried about the health of my eyes. I am normally so scared to go to any doctor but the staff at Keil’s Center made me feel wonderful and I forgot my fears. They were all so nice and made me feel like they cared about every step of my healing. It has changed my life! I can see better than my fiancé now! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when I woke up after my nap. It was truly unbelievable. I kept pinching myself to try and wake up from the “dream” but it was all reality. Thanks to Dr. Keil! I wish I could give everyone I know the wonderful gift of Lasik Surgery.

Thank You!

Edward _ Lasik Surgery

I’ve worn glasses most of my life. I’ve talked with my wife for years about getting corrective surgery, but never did anything about it because I thought it would be a big hassle. She received a coupon in the mail and decided to make an appointment for me. It was so simple, I wish I had done it years ago. My vision is great. I can’t believe the difference it makes.

Thanks again

Benjamin _ Lasik Surgery

As a martial arts instructor, it was a frequent occurrence to have to ‘bow out’ of class to adjust and clean my contacts. Be it from sweat getting in my eyes or dust and other foreign objects, conducting a class without having an interruption from it was pretty much impossible! Thanks to the Dr. Keil, I have had NO PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER!!! I am now able to be ‘device free’ with my vision. Everything is more focused and how it should be! 20/15 vision too!!! Thanks for providing such an excellent service!

Take care and God Bless

Penny _ Lasik Surgery

I was in kindergarten when the school had my mother take me to the eye Dr. as it turned out I couldn’t even see leaves on the trees or anything. I can remember my first words were what are those, my Mom said leaves, I had not been able to see them before, then as the yrs. passed my vision doubled & my glasses got thicker, I had surgery for that after many yrs. so I could wear thinner glasses & then we heard about Lasik & my husband said go for it, I did & I have never been so happy, Thanks to all of you !!!!!

Rose _ Lasik Surgery

I went to the Dr. Keil’s store a year ago this month(August 2007) I had a difficult time driving at night and a rough time with my peripheral vision. I was increasingly anxious about night driving and in my occupation I have to drive to different events in the evening and at night. I had an extremely rough time driving in the rain or when there was a wall on the highway because of the ability needed to gauge how far away the wall was. It was really something to see how flat and lifeless colors were, it was explained to me that after a long time of wearing corrective lens colors became dull. I can still remember that after the surgery trees and flowers became so crystal clear that I kept saying to my husband; ooh aaaah and how wonderful the colors are and he was saying okay okay already. I don’t have to wear glasses 24hrs/7days a week only reading glasses for up close and small print.

George _ Lasik Surgery

I have wore glasses for forty some years and was just sick of it. I checked around and actually went to two different places. The first laser center I visited I wasn’t even seen by a doctor which turned me away from them. I called Keil Lasik the next day and was able to get in that same day for my exam. What a difference Dr. Keil’s practice is. Dr Keil came out and introduced himself before my exam and assured me I would be seen by him to go over my results and to verify if I was a candidate for Lasik. Nancy and Pearle were great, my questions and concerns were answered by everyone. Surgery was scheduled for the following week and I love the results. All of my follow up appointments are done at Keil Lasik unlike the other place I checked into. I would recommend to anyone who is considering Lasik surgery to contact Keil Lasik Vision Center. You won’t be sorry.

Thank you Dr. Keil

Sonja _ Lasik Surgery

I was worried and scared but still wanted relief from glasses and contacts. Keil Lasik’s staff made me comfortable and worry free! This is the best thing I have done for myself!

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