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Refractive Lens Exchange

Refractive lens exchange (RLE) is a modern procedure that frees a patient from the dependence on glasses and contacts by replacing your eye’s natural lens with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL).

Due to the lens inside your eye changing with age, it prevents you from seeing clearly. Most people experience a loss of distance vision over time, trouble with dim lighting, reading fine print, or glare/haloes at night.

Refractive Lens Exchange is a proactive step towards crystal-clear vision. Designed for those of us celebrating the richness of the 50 or better chapter, RLE replaces your eye’s natural lens with a state-of-the-art synthetic one. It’s not just a procedure; it’s a transformation—one that renews your world in high-definition.

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Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation, anticipate a visit to our office lasting approximately 1.5 hours. Be prepared for your eyes to be dilated during the examination. The session will include a meeting with the doctor to discuss and address any concerns or questions you may have.

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The Procedure

The procedure involves a timeframe of 20-25 minutes for each eye, with the eyes being treated separately, spaced two weeks apart. This outpatient process ensures convenience and flexibility. Moreover, a personalized approach is applied, with customized lenses tailored specifically to your individual needs.

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During the recovery phase, anticipate blurry vision for the initial week following the procedure. However, for the majority of patients, complete recovery is expected within one month. It’s reassuring to note that during this period, little to no discomfort is typically experienced, contributing to a smoother recuperation process.


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