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Submission Instructions

  • Submit videos of no more than 1 minute in length
  • Shoot your video in landscape orientation
  • You can upload from your phone or desktop
  • Limit one video file per submission
  • Your name and valid email are required

Click Here To Upload Your Video:

Thank you for sharing your lasik story with us!

Please note, when you submit your video you agree that your statements are accurate and truthful statements that depict your results and experiences with Keil Lasik Vision Center (KLVC). You also give KLVC permission to use this testimonial when promoting their services in any type of advertising including broadcast, social media, or web-based testimonial sites. If your video does not conform to acceptable specs, KLVC may omit it. You understand that your testimonial shall become the permanent property of KLVC, and can be used by them for the purposes of communicating this testimonial.