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We are fully open and scheduling all LASIK and Refractive procedures!

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You can use HSA and Flex on LASIK.

Vision Correction:


Nearsightedness | Farsightedness | Astigmatism

Lasik or PRK

Corneal Inlays & Blended Vision/Monovision

Cataract and Reading Solutions

Eliminate bifocals, reading glasses, contacts, and cataracts with Blended Vision/Monovision, RLE, and Premium Cataract

Reading Solutions

Since 1999, Dr Keil has performed over 40,000 comprehensive vision evaluations and over 15,000 LASIK procedures.

Patient Testimonials

“I got my LASIK done yesterday and it is absolutely life changing to wake up and be able to see things around you! I’ve worn glasses and contacts for years & nothing compares to LASIK! If anyone wants to do LASIK I totally recommend KEIL LASIK. Dr. Keil & his team are super friendly & work with you through the whole process!”



“It’s amazing! I feel fantastic — more confidence (though my kids poke me in the eye more haha!) There’s a lot to be nervous about but your staff helps a ton! Everyone is crazy friendly and helped put me at ease. I have already told everyone how fantastic this place is. Thanks!”



“Totally awesome!  Had Refractive Lens Surgery.  Was nervous and apprehensive, but there was no reason to be.  55 years of wearing glasses or contacts and several years of using reading glasses – NO MORE.  Thanks to everyone at KEIL LASIK!”


Refractive Lens Surgery