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Corneal Inlays

Generally recommended for ages 40-58.

Corneal inlays, like KAMRA and Raindrop, provide safe, proven, and lasting solutions to restore your every day near vision. Each inlay is smaller than a contact lens and placed a few layers below the top surface of your eye. These procedures provide a great way for you to get back your near vision, so you can not only see your computer screens and menus with ease but also maintain your distance vision.


Generally recommended for ages 18-58.

Lasik is a type of refractive eye surgery that treats prescriptions for: near, far and astigmatism. The procedure itself takes only 2-3 minutes per eye, and you generally can return to work the next day. For patients who are not candidates for Lasik, there are other alternatives such as PRK (photorefractive keratectomy) that may be a good fit for treating your vision needs.

Learn more about Dr. Keil’s expertise and commitment to the best care

With his long and highly successful career as a Lasik surgeon and having performed almost 10,000 surgeries, he is ranked as one of Michigan’s most experienced. As such, professionals such as firefighters, law-enforcement, doctors and media personalities have sought out Dr. Keil to perform their Lasik procedure.

In 2015 Dr. Keil became the first surgeon in the state of Michigan to perform the revolutionary Kamra™ corneal inlay procedure, for the treatment of presbyopia (near vision loss). This procedure is designed to reduce or eliminate a person’s need for reading glasses.

© 2017, Keil Lasik Vision Center

© 2017, Keil Lasik Vision Center

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